Please don’t say you love me ‘cause I might not say it back.
Doesn’t mean my heart stops s k i p p i n g when you look at me like that.

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Katniss:*looks at him, almost seeing him for the first time* I do. I need you.

Peeta:*he turns — not quite believing this*

Katniss:*leans in and kisses him — THE FIRST PASSIONATE KISS OF HER LIFE, when she breaks he starts to object and she quiets him again*

Peeta:*finally he just kisses back, then takes the locket off, puts it around her neck*

Katniss:*smiles, locks in his eyes, touches his face, kisses him again*

Everlark beach kiss according to script… THE FIRST PASSIONATE KISS OF HER LIFE

Wow, can they do it again like that please….


CF scenes according to script 3/?

I was just reading through the first version of “The Hunger Games” script and…
"but oddly stimulating"



Who cut this out of the first movie
I want answers @ Gary Ross

oh my goodness, this is seriously heartbreaking. A real passionate kiss, and we were deprived of that. I’m crying. Bye.

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